Identify if the following variable names and declarations are valid or invalid in writing program code visual basic 2010

  1. intStud_no
  2. Total weight
  3. First name= Tin"
  4. dblTotal
  5. _index
  6. Ave=84
  7. intProduct id
  8. Int a=12
  9. _xyz
Reverend Jim commented: Rude, lazy and entitled. -3
rproffitt commented: Besides the incredible request about VB2010, did you even try to do your homework? -3

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Incredibly dated. I can't find VB 2010 for sale. How would anyone test this? Why isn't the Community Version you can get for free not an option here?

Seriously? You couldn't be bothered to even fire up VB and copy/paste the variables to see if they got flagged. If you are this incredibly lazy I suspect you won't go far in programming, let alone life.

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