1/Write a TeachArithmeticFrame class that teaches children arithmetic. The
frame uses a JLabel for a problem and a JTextField for the user answer. When
the user presses the Enter key (while the JTextField object is active) or clicks
the OK button, display a message stating whether the user’s answer is
correct. When the Next button is clicked, display a new problem. The
numbers are limited to two digits.
Consider using a larger font for the JLabel and JTextField text. You can
change the color of text by calling the setForeground method, for example.
2/Extend the TeachArithmeticFrame class so that the numbers of correct and
incorrect answers are kept. Display these two numbers somewhere on the
frame. Add the third button labeled Reset. When this button is clicked, the
counters for correct and incorrect answers are reset to zero.

If you want to have others do assignments like this then it's posted as a for-hire post along with payment rates.

Copy pasting homework is not going to get folk to help you out. What may work is to share where you are stuck such as:
"Here's my code but the incorrect answers didn't reset to zero as I though on lines 55 to 76. Can anyone see why?"

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