Hello guys i want to convert this string to boolean and i'm passing this string in if condition
my Str = "row(0).ToString.Contains(""ABC"")"
it should return me boolean result as the condition follows

I'm Making use of this in Uipath

There is a syntax error and a logic error I can see in this. First, a variable name is always 1 word, with no spaces in it. You could use an underscore (_), but it is generally not needed. Also you should make your variable names descriptive of their use. Second, putting quotes (") around the line, as shown, turns that into a string literal so that text will be assigned as stated to the string variable on the left; it will not be evaluated as you intend. Third, what is the type of row(0)? Does it make sense to convert it to a string using ToString? I think you intended:

myStr = row(0).ToString().Contains("ABC")
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