alright so i have got a c++ code(AIRLINE RESERVATION SYSTEM) which i can run as console application, but i want to convert it into GUI, and i dont know anything about GUI, where and how should i begin, i have 1 and half month to present it.

That will depend on

  1. your platform (Windows/Mac/Linux)
  2. your development environment (gnu, Visual C++, etc.)

I would start by creating a GUI with nothing but stubs behind all the controls. Get the GUI working before adding in production code. That way you minimize complications (and the amount of code you have to wade through while debugging).

Other things to consider, c++ isn't designed to create GUI's. You'll either have to interface with the OS's API directly or through a library.

Also, you have to consider how portable you want your code to be.

If you Google for tutorials on this I'm sure you can find some that will help you.