Does anybody know a good way to break a screen up into multiple sections for filling out lengthy multi section data? I would like something that I can break data inputs up into sections and move onto the next section when I finish filliing out a section prior, sequentially. What I know about is the accordion object in ui bootstrap, and that could work, but I thought I heard of something early in my career that was something pronounced like "flow". I am trying to make a page for an aggregate root. This will be on an html page. I need to proceed from one section to the next sequentially filling out data of an aggregate root object.

Your choice of topic tags don't give me a good direction here. So let's try it this way. Remember your system analysis classes and think about how you do this with a paper system. Now resize this to fit your screens and you should be on your way.

Can you explain how or why is on that tag list? HTML to me means you would/could be doing this with the usual LAMP stack.