I want to create a triangle with Windows Form in Visual Studio (c# code). In Form1 I have 3 textboxes that the user enters the lengths of the sides of the triangle and 1 "Enter" button. When the button is pressed, Form2 is opened and a triangle is drawn when the mouse is clicked. Can somebody help me?

Can you clarify where you are stuck? Do you need a compiled ready to use app or can you share the code section that you have trouble with?

commented: in form1 i have buttons: draw, move, remove and etc (what can you do with shapes), in form2 you can select shape and input the lengths of sides. +0

OK, you have code but I can't find what has stopped you. We have plenty of prior examples to work from if we didn't want to dig through the C# help system.

But posting code is a little hard on first time users. I can't guess how new you are to computers but since this is Visual Studio is the copy paste method unknown to you? I can find a tuturial for that if that's what you need. If it's how to post code to Daniweb, Reverend Jim steps up to the podium at https://www.daniweb.com/posts/jump/2160679

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