Hi guys, this is my first question here
What useful plug-ins / debuggers for Visual Studio do you use (for Windows)?

P.S. I know Visual Studio has a good debugger. Thanks a lot

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I'm probably in the majority that I don't have a single plug-in or debugger that didn't come with VS. If I need to debug I can single step through the section of trouble or put in debug.print statements so I can see variables and more on the fly.

I'm not even sure if this was optional when I installed VS 2019 but I made sure the Python support was installed.

commented: So VP it is. +15

If you're new to VS, then I would recommend initially no plug-ins. Use it for awhile. Perhaps, after three to six months, you'll be feeling something that you're missing - then look for something to fix that. I've been using VS since the oldest days (1.0) and to date I have one extension installed that didn't come with VS itself. I only have that one because it proved a convenient automated way to do something I'd been doing by hand for years. In ancient times, VS needed a lot of help, but it has grown into quite a mature product and they didn't miss much.

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