ok for some reason whenever i try to run Visual c++ i get the error "automation server cannot create object",i got windows script 5.6 ran it but failed to install it says "error registering ocx:vbscript.dll".iam out of ideas what to do.

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what version of vc++? there's only a dozen or so versinos :)

Here is one solution -- I have no idea whether it will work for you or not

2005 express edition

what version of MS-Windows? I think it must be either 2000 or XP.

xp home edition

you think i should try to just get the vbscript.dll off of my other computer i have?and replace on the one iam using?

I don't know if just simply copying that dll will work or not.

you might review the system requirements to make sure your computer meets or exceeds them

Did you have a previous beta version of the compiler installed? If yes, did you uninstall it before installing the newest version as noted in the Microsoft download link?

do i need the sql express to use Vc++?

>> do i need the sql express to use Vc++?


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