Can anybody help?

I have modified an original Visual Basic project to convert from set of binary code into a readable format. I am unsure of the actual type of code that the data file ("Mazatrol.dat") contains.

I need to be able to convert it into a language, from binary, that I will be able to understand. I do know that it is a binary version of a CNC program for controlling a machine tool.

If anybody can help modify the code, in the attached file ("")
I would be very grateful.

Kind Regards

Darren Smith

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You need to know what the format of the data file is (.dat is for data file, I assume saying it's a program is just to throw us off ;))

IOW, you need to know how each byte is defined, whether it's a byte, word, long, character, float, etc, in order to translate it. This is defined in a specification somewhere, based on the program that wrote the file.

Mazatrol.dat is not a binary file but a text file that contains probably some bitmapped representation of the data that needs to be sent to the machine tool. In order for Mazatrol.dat to be useful to you, you will have to find out what all those numbers mean, one way to find out is to read the machine's programmers' manual and find out how it is controlled. But that may be the manufacturer's prepritory (secret) information.

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