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Is the naming convention typically used for C++ vector arrays, with multi-word identifiers, to use an underscore between the words?

I'm finishing up a C++ course offered by the local college - I'm taking one of the "classroom: online" sections - and I'm running into that usage in the text that we're using. The authors have always given some generic admonishment that 'this is how most programmers name someIdentifier', but they didn't do that with vector names - so I'm wondering if their naming convention is the accepted (official/defacto) standard, or just a format that they use and for whatever reason omitted a proper reference.


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there is no standard naming convention that all programmers use, normally when you go to work for a software house the company you work for will have a set of standards that you must follow. Lacking that, you can use whatever you like.

That makes a lot of sense Ancient Dragon - thanks for the reply!

Thanks for the link Dave, quite helpful. BTW, even though I've only read the first few paragraphs, the externally linked 100 pg. pdf file promises to be a very interesting read! Thanks again! :)

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