I am using IBM Websphere, and from here i can just click Run As java application, and the program runs inside websphere. But i want to run the program outside IDE.

I created a jar file and everthing is correct with it. It has the MANIFEST.MF and all.

So what do i need to do to run this from cmd.exe? I would like cmd to open when the jar file is double clicked so that the program will use the command line as the input?

import java.io.*;	// Java I/O classes
public class L3P3
	public static void main(String []arg) throws IOException		// throws IOException
		BufferedReader input = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(System.in));

		System.out.println("Enter in your full name");
		String s1 = input.readLine();
		StringBuffer tmp = new StringBuffer(s1);
		String s2 = tmp.reverse().toString();

		System.out.println("Your reversed name is " + "\"" + s2 + "\"");

Thanks, sj

if u want to run ur jar from cmd means just run like this just go to ur file location through cmd and then type

javaw -jar filename.jar

java -jar filename .jar

main thing is your OS should hav JVM otherwise jar file wont run

ur has nothing to do with it. Java didn't exist when people were living there.

to make an executable jar, you need to provide the Main-Class attribute in the manifest file inside the jar.

Thank you for this was helpful to me.
But I tried like

[B]Java -jar blpack.jar [/B]

like you said but it giving error

Failed to load Main-Class manifest attribute from blpack.jar

Please any body help me? I used Eclipse3.2.2

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