I know that you have done some work in the speech recognition field,do you know anything about testing for the presence of a sound. This would enable me to do extra processing when it was not recognised.

are there facilities to manipulate the sensitivity of the word recognition?

i am looking for a function like the one that identifies if a sound has been received. I need to adapt my software to put a ? on the screen if a word was received, but not recognised.

Can you help?????

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I know that the voice recognition software (the microsoft .dll's for it), were setup to recognize words in a file, or in a string. If the word was NOT present in the file (or string), then the word was considered to be not recognized. That means, you need a big list of words right off the bat. The Control that is used, Hear1, in my case, does exactly what you are looking to do..... it fires an event when sound is made into the mic. So, there is no need for a main loop or anything nuts. What I'm saying, is the control handles that for you, and it's not necessary for you to add that into a program that does voice recognition.

I've researched the web, looking for ways to detect sound, and it doesn't look promising. If I find anything else, I'll let you know.

Thanks man..please let me know if you find anything..
is there a function like sound presence???

i have found these.. but i am not sure how to apply them in my code do you have any idea??

Public Function GetSupportedThresholdValues() As Single()

Public Property Threshold As Integer

Public Property Threshold() As Integer
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