What's the best cloud accounting software for small businesses that handle multiple sales tax rates? Or is there an affordable web-based small business accounting software?

Acobloom commented: You can choose quickbooks, IRIS, taxcalc, Xero in cloud accounting softwares. +0

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First there is no such software since you will find variations across the world. Canada's tax system means you can't use almost any accounting software from the USA.

Searching for such is country specific and what your company's CFO and others research and select. You'll discover that what you may call as best may be dismissed by your C suite staff.

QuickBooks is the best, and arguably most popular, accounting software for small businesses. It’s available in 150 countries so far.

commented: It's good stuff yet can be limited in scale. +15

rproffitt, how so? I've used it for nearly 2 decades to handle all accounts payable, accounts receivable, invoicing, insertion orders, and taxes.

commented: I worked with developers for Star Accounting. Corporate scale accounting package from long ago. +0

For OP and Dani. Long ago I worked with developers on a very big accounting system that was not cloud based but it was at the time one of the big systems out there. I like Dani's answer for an accounting app that will likely work for most small companies without issue. But then again as I worked for another company with US and Canada (now in England as well) they had to use 2 accounting systems due to differences in each country's accounting laws and currency.

As you get into really big accounting, you invaribly have to consider Oracle's cloud systems. That was what I had exposure to with another very large multi-national company.

More titles to explore.

Xero: Micro-Business Owners.
FreshBooks: Service-Based Businesses.
Wave: Free Software.

As you noted Cloud based I wonder if you know to backup locally in case the cloud is gone.

commented: I agree with you. You must add quickbooks cloud accounting softwares. Even many outsourcing accounting companies use quickbooks +0

Hi seema,

if you can be more specific then I can suggest if you can use custom software or not...
where are you based?


ntuit QuickBooks Online: Best Overall for Small Businesses. Intuit QuickBooks Online. ...

FreshBooks Accounting Software: Best for Invoicing. FreshBooks Accounting Software. ...

Zoho Books: Best for Really Small Businesses. Zoho Books. ...

Xero: Best for Mac Users. Xero. ...

Wave Financial: Best Free Option. Wave Financial.

Choosing the best cloud accounting software depends on your company needs, as guided by your CFO and in compliance with the views of your company heads. The tax system varies with every country, and hence it is recommended to pick the right software, considering all the points. You can still trust the other popular cloud accounting software that are commonly used all over the world.

  1. Zoho Books – best choice for cloud based SMBs, has extensive financial tools, offers rich user experience
  2. Intuit QuickBooks – easy to use, flexible, well designed, deep and extensible
  3. Sage50 Cloud – robust, customizable, comprehensive financial tools, can be integrated with Microsoft 365

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When it comes to selecting the best cloud accounting software for small businesses that handle multiple sales tax rates, it's crucial to consider platforms that offer comprehensive features and scalability. One notable option is QuickBooks Online, which provides robust accounting solutions and supports handling various sales tax rates efficiently.

Additionally, other affordable and web-based small business accounting software, such as Xero and FreshBooks, offer user-friendly interfaces and customizable functionalities that cater to the specific needs of small businesses. These platforms can streamline accounting processes and ensure seamless management of multiple sales tax rates, enhancing overall financial operations.

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