I want to incorporate fields from 2 tables in a single crystal report.
I have no problems in incorporating from a single table. But when it comes to >1 table fields in a single report, I am stuck up..

For eg.:

Table 1 :"GENINFO"
custno | mail id

Table 2 :"DETAILS"
custno | Listofcompaniesowned

Now, I would like to write the RECORDSELECTIONFORMULA as part of the code,without using the editor.

I intend the user to choose the customer he wants to see, based on a common customer number that he will provide.

Report.DataDefinition.RecordSelectionFormula = "{GENINFO.custno}=" & i

Report.DataDefinition.RecordSelectionFormula = "{DETAILS.custno}=" & i

This doesnot work...

The first problem is how to couple these both...I used "And". ...doesn't work..

The second problem is that I want only custno field from GENINFO table to be part of my report.


The custno field of DETAILS table is just meant for selecting the other fields in the table such as "listofcompniesowned" etc...

I noted that this field doesnot appear in the formula editor too...since it is not included in the report...(though I don't use the editor as I told before)

Hence, the record selection formula,viz.
Report.DataDefinition.RecordSelectionFormula = "{DETAILS.custno}=" & i
(after modification will it work ?)

In short,

What is the RecordselectionFormula like for incorporating fields from 2 tables ??

Thanks for the time.

DO it the same way as u do it for the single one

but select two tables and both of the tables shud have a comon thing

like porduct table has pdate
and scheme table has sdate

so when u select both of these u can see a relation ship shown between the two tables . now u can compare and generate a report

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