I am facing a problem with my project. I want to Update my database through DataGrid Object which is a tabular one right !.

But, I want to control the number of empty rows that are available.
But it has only one empty row that means i can enter only one recorde at a time???? I looked at the properties of the datagrid but i found only this

DataGrid1.AllowAddNew = True which allows me to add only one record

So, what if the user want to enter lets say five or six records and there is only one empty row how to solve this problem??

I tried to use MSHFlexGrid But it does not support updating option. I can only display my database through it?

Any help or comments??

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What if you always add a set number (say 5) blank rows to your database table. There would always be 5 (new) rows which a user could edit.


It does not work i am using microsoft access and tried to do that but it does not work. I have to fill up the record in the first row so that a new empty record will come up. Even if the column is considered as

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