Hello I am going into my final year in september and need to come up with a topic for my final year project. I am studying Software Engineering.
Any assistance will be highly appreciated.

Kind regards

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Well you have your choice. You can use VB to create any program you want, from games to complete hospital accounting systems to virus, to security analizers. Decide what you want to create, and we will try to help you through some of the hard parts.

Hello jwshepherd,

Thank you and I will take you up on your offer on helping if I get stuck


Make a tool to change your volumeid, ip, and macid. Its a useful tool i think. Mabye being original scores you major points?

hi i am also in the same boat i would appreciate if i could get some ideas

Make 2 games... Pong and um... Virtual Blackjack

Make a C++ Compiler :D

oooo I know.. Make a Chat Client...

Make a file organizer!

For my Programming I final I did a mockup of an online store selling medieval stuff. Additionally, I'm doing an indepentdent project where I've made an RPG out of VB. (Anyone wanting a copy email me at comnder09@yahoo.com)

is it hard to make a game in vb?

Well it started as a basic 5min time killer of a battle system, but that expanded into having 2 enemies randomly generated, potions, a basic spell, to hit chance, etc.

For the battle system alone I have...192 lines of code. Not big yet, but debugging can get a little annoying at times. Currently I'm working on a character selection/skill allocation window that will eventually be mixed with said battle system...then story line imput, then the accual game itself...

I'm using it to get into the Art Institute as a Visual and Game Programming student at the end of my senior year.

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