Hello guys. I'm having a problem passing the text from the text box to the rich textbox in another form.
If you guys can help me. Any idea,
And this is my code in passing the text
This seems right because it works in the previous form I'm working with. Just that this time wondering why it won't work ??

Dim form as new SummaryReceipt
Dim strSummaryOut as String 
Dim strFName as the string
Dim strLName as the string

StrSummaryOut = form.Summary Receipt.ToString
strFname = Summary.lblFName.text
strLname= Summary.lblLName.text

Form.rtbSummaryReceipt.AppendText (strFName.ToString & Control Chars.Tab)
Form.rtbSummaryReceipt.AppendText (strLName.ToString & Control Chars.Tab)

strSummaryOut= form.rtbSummaryReceipt.ToString

It's unclear what the other form name was.

Also lines 6 and 13 seem identical with a change in character case so what a way to confuse everyone what those two lines are about.

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