Could you please find an assembly tutorial or reply with a link to it?
Also, I'm new in here.

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Code? Why don't you pick a template from other websites?

I reply you with this script.
I understand that you're new.
So feel free to pick your template.

Sometimes I find a person new to such and they haven't learned how to research.

Others try to code before they have a design. I'm not sure which applies to you but there's a third group that want an OS as complete as a modern BSD, Linux, Windows, Android or Apple but want to complete it by next Friday for their final project.

Where do you fit in these types?

Unfortunately there are no Assembly tutorials already existing on DaniWeb. Assembly experts are urged to create some ;) hint hint

However, you can of course simply do a Google search for assembly tutorials.

Then, you can come here to DaniWeb with any specific questions you have or are confused by through your journey.

Good luck learning!

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