What I would like to do is to register a couple of shortcuts to move the mouse cursor. The cursor should jump from the one square area of the screen to the other. The question that comes to mind first is: which keys are not used (or at least not often) so they can be used for this purpose? Of course, the arrow keys stand out as good candidates.

Anybody out there who can enlighten me? Thanks

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When I read this, I think "this looks like a job for AutoHotkey (AHK.)" Such as https://autohotkey.com/board/topic/37947-turn-keyboard-into-mouse/

You can assign these moves as you see fit and I recall AHK allows you to move the mouse pointer to absolute coordinates.

If you ask me which keyboard key to use, I can't answer since it's not me that will be using this.

Keep in mind that by remapping the arrow keys you will be over-riding their original functionality in all applications. It may be possible to test in AutoHotKey if the desktop (Explorer) has focus and restrict the new functionality so that other apps can still use the original behaviour.

i use program Automatic Mouse and Keyboard.

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