Can you do these in the IDLE converter, or is it not powerfull enough, as I don't want to download 2 more programs just to expand my Python knowledge. Can I make graphics in the IDLE interpreter, and if so, is there a tutorial to help?

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IDLE is simply an environment you write your Python programs in. It is basically a text editor you can run your code from.

You can do simple graphics with Tkinter that is already part of the Python distribution. For more advanced graphics download PIL. It among other things expands Tkinter's graphics capabilities. For graphics based games download PyGame. Two very worthwhile additions to your Python module library.

Be prepared for a steep learning curve, but also for lots of fun to challenge your mind.

Oh, are they modules for IDLE? I thought they were seperate environments, like IDLE, seperate editors. So what do you download them and use them via the IMPORT PYGAME command?

Hi chris99,
Yes.Those are python libraries which you should import inorder to use them.
Also the IDLE is a simple editor plus debugger,nothing more.
Why you do stick to it as a complete game development environment.

Good luck.

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