Can anyone please guide me on this problem?
I have 2 frames. Similar to a website, the frame on the left works like a navigation menu while the frame on the right is the content part.
When I click on a label on the navigation panel, how can I target a particular form to appear on the content frame? :-|

hmm, I dont know of a way to make a form load with in a frame; however, you can make multiple frames with in that form and put them over top each other. change the visibility of them to "false" and add an onclick event to the lable that changes the visibility of that frame to "true". when you change a frames visibilty, all the controls in that frame become invisible as well.

commented: Thanks a lot! Really appreciate your help. +2

Good idea, eh? Thanks a lot.
But, one more thing, will that make the whole form "looks" messy/overload/i don't know.

from the users point of view... it shouldn't... from the designers point of view... it will be a little crammed. that's what the "send to back" and "bring to front" is for. too bad you can't hide objects on the design form.

Alright, I guess I'll have to stick to that. Else I'll have to draw a lot of forms, with the same navigation menu on the left. That would be a waste of time but a lot more clearer right. :)