I have a parameter in a RDLC report named "allocated_jobs"

There are no Available Values assigned.
It has 1 Specify Values: RTrim(Allocated = "True")

ie; Only rows with field name Allocated and it's contents equal "True" are to be in the report.

Me.JobsDataReportViewer.LocalReport.ReportEmbeddedResource = "Data_Reporting.JobsList.rdlc"
*Data_Reporting is the stored report path in my.settings*

Dim param_allocatedjobs As New ReportParameter("allocated_jobs")
Dim reportparameters() As ReportParameter = {param_allocatedjobs}




The report runs fine, no errors, but without the desired return of the parameter.

All help welcome, thankyou.


Shouldn't you pass a value to your parameter?

Dim param_allocatedjobs As New ReportParameter("allocated_jobs", True)

It's useful for customizing reports by criteria like dates or categories and enhancing data analysis and presentation.

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