Good day, I have been trying to add a new record to the Access Database that has already been connected to the Visual Basic Application (Using Visual Studio 2005) that I have been developing, using the DataSource and the DataAdapter objects, though I'm able to add an Insert query and run it, but the record is not saved in the related database at all.

Can you give me some hints and directions as how to solve the above mentioned problem, thanks.

import necessary header files
chek whether dataadapter's & other datasets are instantiated properly.
create requisite tables in db

mail for further help at

I'm sorry, I don't quite get you at all....

I have checked all the necessary files and objects, they are all in order, I have followed the exact instructions given in the MSDN, regarding on the matters on how to connect to a local Microsoft Access Database, but it seems that only the "Select" statement is able to work, the other statements, e.g. Insert, Delete and Update etc, are not able to work at all, though the DataSet object had been changed, but it is not saved to the database connected at all.....8'(

Can you give me or direct me to some samples in which a VB Application can insert a new record into a locally connected Access Database?

Thanks for your time and help...

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