HEY i need to differente bettween the admin and employee

admin can add delete and update

but employee can only add but cannot delete how cani do this

i want to use only one form for the table both shud use the same form but admin and employee options shud be different

that's easy enough, just make something that will differentiate between an admin and an employee. I am assumming you are using a database, just make a column for access where say 1 is emplyee and 2 is admin and allow anyone who has a 2 to have access to certain features.

i want to make a validation in the form its self //
let me xplain it to u

my form 1 has three radio buttons admin,ceo,staff

admin and ceo can add delete and insert but the employee can only view

i have created a connection to back end from form 2 and add it to the three radio buttons . now everyone is able to perform all the tasks ..

but i want to restrict it .. hope u got my problem


I'm not too familiar with vb.net, but assumming it is like most language on the .net platform, I would create three different constructors (overloaded) and each constructor would set up the form differently for eac type of user.

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