I really don't think that text adventures, even simple ones are within my grasp. How would you do that anyway, write a seperate Data file for each room or something? They seem very complicated, even the one in the Programs for Beginners thread. Bear in mind, the tutorial missed a lot of modules out, I've only just started fumbling with the random module. Could you give me a list of tutorials that could give me a fuller understanding of python?

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I think vegaseat meant "Projects for the Beginner" to be for the beginning programmer who understood the basics of Python and wanted to do something with that knowledge. It was probably not meant to be a tutorial, just projects with a few hints thrown in.

You are right, why not a series of small projects that help you learn basic Python programming. I will try to come up with some fun projects as time permits, sure others will help too! So keep looking at "Projects for the Beginner".

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