Hi can anny one help me out optimizing the follwing issue:
A C++ class has the following member:
int status_[75];
During performance analysis it was found out
that the class (its object) was performing unsatisfactorily
making it a necessary candidate for optimization.
The following additional information was also found out
*) Each element of the status_ array assumes only the
following 4 values: -1, 0, 1, 2
*) The bulk of the time was spent in loops like:
for(size_t i=0; i != 75; ++i) {
if(status_ == 1) {
// do something...
*) The set of elements of the status_ array that assume a particular
value is sparse making the above loop inefficient.
Assume that 0 is the default value.
*) The status_ array is updated at places scattered throughout the code
making it difficult to rewrite. However, a particular element
is updated only through a statement like
status = -1;

Please Code an algorithm if possible

Thanks & Regards

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Try to write it on your own and when you have some code than we'll help you about the optimisation

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