I read in the news that Python in going from version 2.4 to version 2.5 fixed 450 bugs. That seems to be lots of bugs! I used Python a lot and never found a single one of those bugs. What is your experience?

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I scanned through the bug list, and all of the ones that I saw were really obscure. None of them were core language functions; rather, they seemed to be module issues.

However, I didn't give it a thorough lookover...


I remember that the Windows OS had over 36,000 bugs at one time, and only a portion of them got fixed. The problem is that the more complex a program gets the more bugs it will have, and that fixing one bug can create two new ones. Thanks to Jeff for his note telling us that the Python bugs were pretty obscure, and let's face it, they were fixed!

I have done a lot of Python programming, but have not run into an obvious bug. I have run into some of the well published Python pitfalls ( http://zephyrfalcon.org/labs/python_pitfalls.html ). Compared to some other languages Python has an enormous wealth of high level features, but overall it is a robust and clean language.

Python25 seems to have been very well received, and I have read reports that the improvement in the structure of the byte code has lead to speed increases of up to 50%.

well think about it i can assuse you every patch that is released is way more bug fix's i love python and bieng open source lets u fix the bugs right away as opposed to having a vendor do it

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