The question is :Write a function bigger() that returns bigger vaule in a signed integer array. Array and size are passed as arugements.
Write a main program that inputs Max values from the keyboard into siged integer array,array and prints using biggest(), the biggest vaule to the screen
What should i amend for this? Please advise. Thanks!

# include <stdio.h>
int maximum (int array[], int array Size)
int z;
int x;
z=(int array[]>=int array Size)
int a,b,c,d;
printf("\n\maximum = %d",maximum(c,d);

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You need to declare an array. For example int array[MAX_ELEM] . You must define MEX_ELEM (look on google whats macroes in C if U don't know). In a loop you must enter their elements. To pass the array size you can do like this sizeof(array)/sizeof(int) In bigger function you need to loop throught an array and find out the max value, for example

int max =0;
// for loop goes here
if (array[i] > max)
   max = array[i];
//end foor loop
return max;

PS: Don't post the same question twice ;)

PS: Don't post the same question twice ;)

And please start using code tags, and posting with titles that have some meaning -- like a short description of what the program is about.

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