Hi to all, I don't now if this is the rigth place, but I will ask anyway.

I'm trying to improve the performance of my ISAPI application (written in C++), I'm looking for information to read in the web but I dind't found much,
I was wandering I you have some tips or web site you can recomend.

I'm working with Visual Studio 2005
My ISAPI extension is working in IIS6

Thanks :mrgreen:

Hmm, first you need to find the bottleneck. Have you profiled the application and gotten network performance statistics? Without that stuff, you're just shootin' in the dark. :)

Thanks, for your answers. I found a very good article, how to profile an ISAPI extension, but is written for VS6 and I'm working with VS2005, somebody know how to do what is writen in the article but in VS2005?
Or How I can profile my application in VS2005?