i am making a gui, which looks like excel sheets.
i want to give the user the facility of adding rows/columns at the run time.
there is some initial size, but that can be increased any time during the executation of the code.

what i have tried, is that i am using table.
so when ever user increase the size, i destroy the original table and make a new one with the increased size.

is there a better way to do this ?

Seems that Linux folks use GTK and pygtk for GUI work. It looks like a good GUI, but I use the Windows OS and the whole installation process of GTK/pygtk and all the additional required things is very cumbersome.

I personally like wxPython a lot. Why did you choose to go with GTK?

I am making a tool for GCC. And GTK is standards of GCC. So, my guide told me to use it.

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