Hi all,

I am tryin to differentate an equation and solve using C or C++. I need a start, n i m not getting much information from web even..I am curous hw MATLAB does that...i m positive that LAPACK has a no subroutine for differentiation.

Appriciate your response

Thank you

You won't get a good answer if you can't even figure out what you want. First, you asked how to differentiate an equation (which raises the question, how do you want to represent an equation?). Then you asked how to solve a differentiable equation (which raises the question, how do you want to represent an equation?). Which do you want?

It amazes me how pompous people can be. Someone comes to a place like this and asks a simple question and gets run over by some holier-than-thou know-it-all who has to try and impress everyone with his semantic jujitsu. But what's really sad is that this snark-ninja obviously isn't as intelligent as he thinks he is, for if he was, he would be able to decipher the albeit cryptic question by the original poster as this: "what library or header file contains differentiation functions for C++?" That wasn't so hard to figure out now was it? As for the answer, I am looking, too. Be nice people. IT people have bad reputations for being a-holes for a reason.

I'm closing this thread. No need to start a flamewar over a 4 year old thread.

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