I would require a visualisation to respond to the music being played on the media player as well as the microphone input simultaneously using media player SDK and c++.

In other words, the visualisation would need some way of differentiating between the sound coming from the microphone and the sound from the music being played on Media Player.

Some simplistic approach to this would be to create bars with different colours and to combine them where these two sources merge. For instance, creating blue bars for the music and red bars for the mic where the bar becomes purple when these two meet.

Any ideas how I can do this?

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What sort of expertese do you already have when it comes to writing windows programs in C++ ?

Well, unfortunately I haven't had any visualisation programming experience, however, I've developed several applications using c++ in the past.


As I see it, you can either
- map the volume distribution of the sound sample onto a range of colours
- map the frequency distribution of the sound sample onto a range of colours.

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