I would like to know, what are all the scenarios under which perl is used for software testing... this will be useful to me


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I didn't get the impression it was homework/schoolwork but I have no idea how to answer such a question:

what are all the scenarios under which perl is used for software testing

I don't even know what "testing software" means? Testing it for what?


Hi Giri,

Your question sounds odd of where Perl is used in s/w testing. It all depends on your Application/Testing Environment.

Suppose, your application is generating lots of files into a particular directory and you want to check for a particular string which is present in each and every file without actually opening all the files ( It's a tedious job to open,check for the string and increment the count :rolleyes: )

You can write an automated perl script which opens all the files,search for the string and display the result which can save your lot of effort.
I remember the module Test::Files will do it for you.

If you can find the book Perl Testing: A Developer's Notebook , all your questions can be solved.

Kalyan Raj


how much perl u need to know to get in to testing jobs....i know the basics till functions in perl,is that enough???

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