i have to make a minesweeper game for class, 3d none the less using microsoft visual c++. i have created my dynamic class. there needs to be a node class and a grid class. i have no clue how to do it. if you can help please help me, its due friday :sad:
- Use the arrow keys, page-up, page-down keys, etc… to move the cursor about the grid. This will be explained in class. You can indicate position by using ASCII art, etc…. Check with the instructor if you intend to display position and movement significantly different than shown or explained in class.

- ASCII Art will be required as follows: the cells of the grid must be surrounded by borders as pictured above. Note that the border characters themselves (┌ ─ ┬ ┐ ├ ┼ ┤ └ ┴ ┘) need not be part of the actual grid cells; the border cells are simply printed around and between the grid cells and are incorporated into the implementation of the Grid Class draw function.

- Instructions on movement, upsizing & downsizing must be given on the screen by your program in addition to within the user manual. A simple explanation of which keys to press and their function will be sufficient.
Grid Class
- Inherits from 3-D Dynamic Array Class
- Function(s) for movement about the grid, as well as upsizing and downsizing
- Note: you may need class attributes that keep track of the current position
- Up-size function – as described above.
- Down-size function – as described above.
- Draw function – to draw the grid. Note: it may be useful to have a drawRow function.
Node (or Cell) Class
- Basic Manager functions
- Accessor and Mutator functions as they are needed
- attribute to indicate visited status (that is, whether or not the cell has been visited)
- attribute to indicate active status (that is, whether or not the cursor is positioned there) Note: in a more complex game type program, several cells might be simultaneously active.
- Draw function – draws contents (or non-contents) of cell.

If you expect an answer you will have to post some code and show your attempts to solve the problem.