Hello. Im new here and at but a wee little age of 14, so go easy on me :-|

Anyways... Before I begin, I want to make a note I can use inline assembly with C, so the loading and storing of the file's data into a buffer is already done. I just need to use assembly and move that buffer/data to a specified address in RAM... Unless someone knows a C routine for this, can anyone please assist me in anyway?

Thanks alot if you can :cool:

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depends on the operating system. MS-Windows and *nix: you can not do that because the os will not permit it unless the address is one which you got from allocating memory using malloc().

in assembly just store the destination address in edi register, source address in esi register, number of bytes to copy in ecx, then rep movsb instruction. There are quite a few posts on this board that demonstrate this, like this one.

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