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I want to build a USB driver for windows98. But I do not know how to build a device driver in windows. My targeted language is C/C++. So I need help to know how can I build a device driver for windows. As well as I need to know which tools and API will help me to build my device driver.

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Md. Mainul Hasan

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You need to download the Windows Device Driver Kit Can't help with your driver because I have never written on either.

[edit]I see from reading that page you might be too late -- the DDK for Win98 is no longer supported or available from Microsoft. Unless I misread it, that DDK was removed Dec 2005. Looks like the only way you can get it anymore is to find someone with an old version of MSDN subscription. Maybe eBay will have it ?????[/edit]

Here is more information about that. Microsoft is probably trying to get everyone to upgrade to either Windows 2000, XP or Vista.

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