need visual basic codes for dictionary search to take care of situations when people type in wrong spelling. Examples like google search engine, when people type in wrongly search engine actually helps to correct the words that are spelled wrongly

Also need visual basic codes of auto fill in of fields while typing.

Your going to need a dictionary file, or at least a file with all the words in the US language in order to implement that. And the implementation will depend on the internal format of that file. I also must warn you that autofill requires an constant amount of checking (possibly a call to an extremely large file for each letter typed). So much that it might be too slow in a bulky language like VB. This is just conceptually however, I may be missing something in the VB code which provides an easier way of implementing this.


Tyler S. Breton

You'll find VB to be pretty slow doing this too, unless you go overboard on speed optimization of strings. If you had it using a database (the dictionary as a database) then you could have it return all words that are starting with the first alpha letter after a space (or something similar), and then gradually filter through the words....

Try googling for a vb spell checker.

I know java has something called Jazzy, which you basically just add to your existing project.