Hi, guys!

Got a problem here. :)

I have a form that when it loads spawns a thread which in turn fills a publicly declared dataset with a table by a dataadapter and then binds a field from the table to a combobox.

combobox1.DisplayMember = "fieldName"
combobox1.ValueMember = "fieldName"
combobox1.DataSource = dataset1.Tables("<tablename>")

This works like a charm.
I can fetch existing records and manipulate the data (edit and update) perfectly.

But this is the crux.
When I clear the form, add information and save it as a new record, everything is stored in the database as it should and I explicitly use the method dataset1.Tables("<tablename>").AcceptChanges after the update to the server.
However, the bound combobox is not updated with the new information.

I have the impression that if you add a record to a table that is bound to a control and force the update on the table, that information is immediatly available to the control.

I've been googling for an answer for three days without much luck.
My last attempt at this involved iterating through the table with for each row as dataset1.table("<tablename>").Rows . But that took too long and screwed up the thread.

Can you help me find a solution to this?

I connect to a MSSQL 2000 server and use untyped datasets, all by code.

I solved it myself using the dataview class.

Dim dbView As DataView
dbView = new DataView(DataSet1.Tables("<tablename>"))
dbView.Sort = "id DESC"
cmbRegID.DisplayMember = "column2"
cmbRegID.DataSource = dbView
cmbRegID.SelectedIndex = 0

Now everytime I add (or delete) items from the datatable it shows in the combox right away (and selects the latest added item).