Hehe, you got a response (albeit two years late).

GSmiles: what you would end up making wouldn't technically be an OS, but it would look and behave like one. Here's what you'd do (I did it once):

- Download FreeDOS
- Make a program in QB that behaves like an interpreter
- Make a program in dos batch language/QB that behaves like a kernal (contains a few extra functions)
- Make an autoexec.bat that launches a subroutine in your kernal that sets up the pc for your 'os'
- The kernal would then launch your interpreter.. it could display a pretty boot screen, whatever, then just behave as command.com would.

I've done that lots of times before. Once, I even coded myself a pretty neat GUI in QB that behaved like windows 1 did, acted on behalf of the interpreter.

It was cool, it officially can be done (ish)!

Anybody want to make an 'OS' with me?

Hey man that's fucking awsome!! I am very interested in creating a OS so i would like to join ya and help you make an OS ;)

OS, yeah no go with VB. Now a custom SHELL would be cool, and that CAN be coded in VB...

*Mumbles Something About Old Threads*

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