good day!

can anyone teach me how to access images and display these images using c++?because i have a project regarding accessing and viewing images in mobile phones...kindly help me...:sad:

Do you have any experience programming Symbian OS? Because if not, I would say that this is a pretty tall order from your instructor. You're going to have a fairly hard time even learning the SDK, let alone image functions.

But if you really must:

  1. Get the Symbian SDK and install it.
  2. I suggest following some of the tutorials covered here:
  3. Look at something like this for an example of screen output.
  4. Choose an image format to load, and if you don't know how, find some documentation on loading it.

Hope this helped, as I am not a Nokia programmer. ;)

Thanks John, the tutorial and the links youve given me really helped!

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