Write a C program with 4 functions in main
1 int intSum(intx, int y)
accept 2 ints as parameters
adds the 2 # up
returns the sum
2. int intdiff(intx, inty)
accepts 2 # as param.
subtracts them
returns with diff.
3 int intProd(intx, int y)
accepts 2 #
muiltplies them
returns product
4 double Quot(int x, int Y)
accepts 2 #
divides them
returns quot/ with remainer as decimel.
should spit out
the sum of the 2 mnumbers is
the difference of 2 numbers is
the product of 2 numbers is
the quotient of 2 numbers is

I don't see a question, nor code. Please read the post at the top of the forum about homework...

Code is saved as an attached file to the post. See it?

int main()

Typo, it should be a {

z = intSum(x,y)

You didn't declare x nor y, I think you want to send numX and numY. ( intSum(numX, numY); )
Same with the other 3 functions.

You need to declare the functions before you use them.

put this:
int intSum( int , int );
int intDiff(int , int );
int inProd(int , int );
double Quot(int , int );

Above main().

And there are a lot of typ-errors in your code. Please note that C is CASE-sensitive. Also look for missing semi-colons ( ; ). If you call your function Quot(), don't call it with inQuot or intQuot.

return 0;

This should be in Main(). This doesn't do anything right now. I have a working code for you, but first try to correct it your self.

regards Niek

Code is saved as an attached file to the post. See it?

Yeah, but I don't open attachments.... I practice safe computing ;)
But there still wasn't a question, nor an explanation of what was wrong.