how to create a payroll processing using VB and MSacccess.i want guidelines for that would anybody plz help me.In VB with all the deatails of an employee,facility to add new member,to edit,hv option to display all the parcticular abt certain employee in detail.plz help me

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Thats' a large project. If you are working on this alone and are fairly competent in vb you are looking at about six to twelve months programming.

Start with the database and the reports. Gather all of the information you will want to be able to print out. Checks, reports, time details. Use these to create a layout or your database.

You will also need to decide how you will be inputing the time. Will it come from kronos or will you write it yourself to be used on each computer.

How many employees are we talking about? If it's over 100 or so I suggest using either MSSQL or MySQL for the database. Escpecially if you are going to keep track of terminated employees and have a large turnover. You can create it in access and then upload the table design to either of these fairly simply. The development version of MSSQL is only about $30, Full version $800, while MySql is free.

Once the tables are created make sure that there are no duplicates and create sub tables for information like state city and zip and other information that could be seperated.

After hat is done. Post the db and we'll start from there and help make sure all the relations are setup correctly and might have some more tips. After that we'll help you on the vb integration part.

Good Luck


thank u for ur reply.how to write an VB code for undo operation in an text editor.i tried it ,but i couldn't do it.anybody plz tell me how to write coding.


undo operation on delete.in payroll processing using VB, as i donot know my sql or any other SQL,how i could create,payroll processing for employees

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