I have to do a Project in C++I in mid level in C++.
Can anybody provide me some guidelines.

Thanking You.

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what type of guidelines r u looking 4?explain it breifly

please take care to post in correct English gstalker. It only takes a fraction of a second longer to type and saves people a lot of effort in understanding what you're trying to tell them.

Project guidelines for schoolkids/students...

1) don't try to write the next killer application, you're not going to do it on your own and certainly not with your level of expertise and especially not in the time you have available.
2) don't start coding like a madman. First write down what you want to do, next turn that into a design showing what each class/module needs to do and what its public interface will be.
3) don't think you can postpone your work until the last few hours before you have to turn it in.

In fact those are excellent guidelines for everyone wanting to write software.
Even the first, killeraps aren't created on purpose, they happen by accident.

i apologize for that i will write in proper english .

Better do that soon gstalker

thank you

Is anyone there to provide me with some guidelines please

Suggestions will be appreciated..

Thank you

Is anyone there to provide me with some guidelines please

Suggestions will be appreciated..

Thank you

To what? You got a suggestion. You were also asked questions which you ignored. Please be less vague and acknowledge what has already been given.

i went through that but i didn't find any useful information on it

So what are you wanting suggestions and guidelines for?! Are you wanting project ideas, general guidelines, what? You have to be more specific and tell us what you want help with.

It's obvious you aren't really serious. After over a month, you still are completely vague and ignoring all our attempts to find out what you really need.

he just wants someone do make something for him complete with documentation and everything, and doesn't mind one iota what it actually is as long as it (he probably couldn't understand a line of code anyway) gets him a passing grade...

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