i have learn to wite out a few simple program on paper. However, after installing microsoft visual C++, i found out that i do not know how to use it to create C++ application. I click file-->new, and and the Visual C++ software prompt me to create a workspace or some window application or window console apllication. There are a lot of files in it that i can create. What should i choose??

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Here's a complete tutorial , made by me :cheesy:

1.First try to get Visual C++ Express Edition ,it's free
You can get it at http://msdn.microsoft.com/vstudio/express/visualc/

2.After install,run the program .You will get the start page


3.Go to Win32 Tab , and name your project

4.Select win32 console application

5.Go to application tab

6.Check the "Empty project" box

7.After the project is created,it's time to make your source files
Right click the Source Files Folder, go to Add->New Item

8.Go to code tab

9.Here,select the C++ File(don't forget to name it )

10.Click add and your done

Good luck

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