Just what I need. In the midst of the two busiest weeks of the semester, and I get a friggin run-time error. I am running 64-bit Debian etch, and running the program from a terminal. It gets to some perfectly good code (I've said that before, and I was wrong), and kills, saying "segmentation fault".

What does that mean? I'll post the code if I have to, but if anyone knows what this means to me, that would be great.

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There's probably something wrong with an array or something like that, please post your code.

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A seg fault typically refers to when you start touching memory you shouldn't be. As Niek mentioned, this often occurs when an invalid index into an array. It also happens when using uninitialized pointers, or pointers which have already had their data deleted or freed.


Alright, so it basically means the same thing as DOS saying "vector sub-script out of range" then.
That makes it easier for me, I'll try to find out what's going on. I was only looking for what it meant, in the case that it was this simple. Thanks a lot guys!

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