Can any1 please help me...

i'm really lost in using bash shell scripting...

and i got to hand this up on monday...

please anyone teach me how to do this assignment...

Please use basic things because i just learn the program only... thanks


The script should provide feedback to the user on what is happening. Everytime a reference is modified, the script should display:
Replaced <original reference> with <modified reference>.

and you got to save another copy of the file.
example like: you have a 1.shk, after working on it... you can "auto" save (Don't need user to select yes or no) the file to 1_modified.shk
then once the script has finished reading the source file, it should also display how many references were modified. For example:
A total of 3 references have been changed.

if you were to use sed to replace some word containing “C:\\temp\\project” in the shake file how can you make it replace those with “C:/temp/project”, “C:\\\\temp\\\\project” and even “C:/temp\\\\project”.??

I know this is too much... but can any kind soul help me here... i'm really in deep shit.... thanks... if you really don't understand... please msn me.. need to hand up by monday...

<Email snipped>

Not that I am experienced in Bash or anything, but I believe that without you showing any work yourself, no one else is actually going to help you (unless they're super nice). Another thing is this magical thing that was invented for this kind of thing... What was it called again... Hmm... Google!

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