Hello everyone,

From the available documents from java.sun.com, I can not find rich information about this option, which is used to tune memory of JVM. Are there any samples/documents of this option, like the meaning/function/best practices of this option. Thanks.


no need to post the same thing all over the web :)

In danger of repeating myself: there is no real "guide". If you determine you're running out of memory and are sure it's not a leak, give the JVM some more of the stuff.

I've now upgraded Eclipse to use 1GB heapspace + 256MB permGen space for example, and it uses something similar in other RAM (mainly stackspace), for a total of something like 2GB total (and pretty much constantly).
Anything less causes it to crash with the large complex projects I've loaded into it (thousands of classes and interfaces, thousands of XML and properties files).