I have overcome my program with the DLL files, but now have a slight problem with my progress bar.

Part of my program loads an external spreasheet and exports data to it for printing. Whilst my VB program loads the spreadsheet, thewre is a pause of about 7 seconds which i would like to display in a progress bar.

I need a progress bar that can determine how much percentage of the file has loaded. I can load text files like this using FSO to read the amount of lines and determine how much has loaded, but how can i do this with my spreadsheet?

I would appreciate any help with this as it is urgent.



please post the code that loads the spreadsheet.

please post the code that loads the spreadsheet.

Right heres the code i am using to open my excel spreadsheet.

I have declared global variables in my module that are used to identify the wokbook and worksheet.

My main form has many different navigation buttons, when a button is pressed, the form opens the excel workbook and the work sheet, then hides the main form and shows the form that uses excel.

'Sets the filepath for the excel workbook and opens it.
Set xlBook = xlapp.Workbooks.Open(App.Path & "\Job Sheet.xls")

'Sets the Sheet to output data to.
Set xlSheet = xlBook.Sheets.Item(1)



This is killing me lol, please can you try and help. Thankyou