Alright, some of you have seen me ask this before but here it is again. I am a first year java student and I need an idea for a simple but well-looking semester project. If you could give me some ideas I would be thankful. I'm not asking for you to do it for me like I've seen most do. I just need some ideas, my mind is at a huge blank right now and it's due pretty soon.


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The idea is to think and get your own ideas rather than regurgitate things others came up with.

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How about an encryption program using the caesar cipher method? :idea:

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Cash register program.

Personal organiser, that will store and retrieve records

Thanks for the ideas...not. Anyways I figured out what I am going to do anyways. I'm going to make a dice rolling program(simple I know) but it has more than 1 class, uses a do while loop and has multiple methods. It'll roll a dice, take the number, roll the second dice, take that number and as long as the numbers are different it'll keep rolling until they come up the same. Then it'll print out how many times it took for the dice to come up the same. Does it sound good? Any suggestions on what I should add to it or do you think it's fine the way it is?

You can do proper dice game, such as Yum or similar, not just simple dice roling till same numbers occure. That is too simple and pointless. Do a game where you have towo players, and based on program output decide which one is winner

Your idea for a semester project would take about 2 minutes to complete and I don't see where you'd need more than one class. I know you're just a first year beginner, but choose something a little challenging at least.

Mastermind game. Computer picks a random number and the player has to guess it within so many tries. Each wrong guess tells the player if their guess was too low or too high. About as simple of a game as you can get, but its better than just watching the computer roll out random number combinations.

What I did was went with the dice game idea. It puts up a menu asking if you want to roll some dice, then it'll roll the dice if yes or insult you if you say no. Then it'll ask if the second player wants to be second player if yes it'll roll and if no it'll insult yet again and then it'll be a tie if you pick no cause it's the same. If d1 is higher than d2 than Player 1 wins! and vice versa. And then have default statements if they don't use the yes or no or even Y or y or N or n(using charAt(0))

I doubt that will be enough to please a teacher teaching a serious course (I'd not call it complex enough), but it could be a decent start towards a bigger program that would be enough.

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