I was wondering, if I wanted to attempt an ANSII dos game in Python, what would be the best way to do it? I would like to know how I would run it, i.e., would it run in the Python Interactive shell or could a make it run in dos?
The only games I ever made in Python were text adventures, but, is it not the same concept?
Just wondering, what would I use? Functions and classes, etc?
If somebody could give me a good starting point, I beilieve that would be enough to get me going. Thank you.

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>>ANSII dos game in Python
do you mean MS-DOS ? MS-DOS does not run phthon.

I just want to make an ANSII game, don't need to be in dos, I was actually thinking of creating my own console program for ANSII games, like having an ANSII nintendo on my computer....I really want to make in-depth ANSII games, to overcome the same challenges programmers had with a text-mode computer when making games. I thought of creating a diablo one style game, ansii of course, full screen, with the best ansii graphics ever seen. I mean take a long time on it. I am just unsure wear to begin, I have only made text adventures, I am unsure of where to even begin. Any starters or ideas or links to topic specific tutorials would be great! Thanks.

If you want to use ASCII art for the game, then Python command-line ought to be fine. You can simply call your program blah.py and double-click its icon, and it will pop up a DOS-like window with output and all.

Is that what you were asking?


that answers my first question, thanks! I actually just want to make ANY graphical game in python. I like the challenge of making an ansi game with a little more animation to it. Instead of your charector being represented by an @, it could be more like this:

telnet towel.blinkenlights.nl

to see a version of start wars in asci. I was thinking of making a game more like that, maybe try to get BETTER even than that!

For those who may not know how to use telnet,

type "command"
(ms-dos prompt should come up)
type "telnet towel.blinkenlights.nl"
watch the site that gave me the idea.

| that works on my win9x OS, not sure about other WIN OS' dos and telnet commands.

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